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MiraWan is a new word that represents “Miracle of Taiwan”, integrating classic and beautiful French cuisine with local ingredients from Taiwan. All the dishes are combinations of the land and sea. The intention of “Miracle Taiwan” was to employ traditional and innovative concepts to create unique and delicate French cuisines. We complemented our dishes with the best wine and unique cocktail list for the perfect sense of ritual. The head chef, Josh Cheng, wants to create original French cuisine from nature and unique Taiwanese local ingredients, since dining is no longer just about delicious foods but also unforgettable experiences.

MiraWan was launched in June 2019 by Progiant Group. It quickly became a landmark in hospitality in Taiwan, and was honored “The Michelin Plate” in the 2020 Taipei & Taichung Michelin Guide. Located on the 47th floor of Breeze Nan Shan, MiraWan represents a casual dining style. The elegant cuisines, wine and spacious atmosphere create a unique sensational experience. Both local and foreign gourmets are bound to be deeply attracted by these exquisite cuisines and amazing beverages, which are served only in Mirawan.

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11:30 - 14:30
  • Chef
    Josh Cheng
    Intuitive and refined flavors are the foundation of French cuisine.
    Having devoted himself to the world of French cuisine for fifteen years, Chef Josh (Cheng Yu-Chun) showcases exquisite and intricate flavour in his culinary creations, based off his extensive knowledge and refined craftsmanship. Within a year of its opening, MiraWan emerged as a dark horse and was selected in the Plate recommendation of "Michelin Guide Taipei Taichung".

    As executive chef of two French restaurants with distinct styles, Josh extends his boundless creativity to LOPFAIT while incorporating his passion for classic French cuisine into the DNA of MiraWan. Every element from stock and sauce to ingredients is meticulously chosen. Chef Josh's delicate and refined techniques enhance the aesthetics of the dishes while preserving the rich flavors and essence of traditional French countryside cuisine.
    Pastry Chef
    Train Dai
    Finding beauty in simplicity – the simpler, the more challenging.
    As Pastry Chef for MiraWan, LOPFAIT, and the Progiant International Hospitality Group Patissier Train (Dai Jyun-Hong) began his career at the renowned Pasadena French Restaurant in Kaohsiung and later ventured into the world of fine dining, studying under the Japanese dessert maestro, Makito Hiratsuka. Under Hiratsuka's mentorship, Pastry Chef Train has been inspired to explore endless creativity in the art of plated desserts.

    "Good artistic creations have the power to touch people's hearts, and desserts are no exception. I aim to bring joy and resonance to our guests." At MiraWan, Pastry Chef Train crafts well-known indulgent desserts such as lava chocolate cake, crème caramel, and apple pie. Behind their humble appearances lie intricate layers of details, providing a delightful surprise and a profound sense of happiness.
    Sous Chef
    James Tseng
    Passion is not a hobby – Passion is simply passion.
    Sous Chef James (Tseng Chih-Huai) has worked for Le Moût Restaurant in Taichung and Belon in Hong Kong. In both places he developed extensive experience in French cuisine and great passion for food ingredients. His intensive work experience at these two restaurants has made a profound impact on his culinary journey.

    Still only in his twenties, James already made himself important and irreplaceable to the restaurant and Chef Josh. James manifests a subtle and delicate culinary style. His excellent French culinary techniques and love for Taiwan’s terroir have endowed him with immense momentum for creativity. It is obvious to see his zealous approach and creative panache through his dishes, with a strong personal touch.

    "I think fine dining is fantastic because it showcases culinary finesse and endeavor, which attracts people to savor the unique beauty of food. I hope our guests at LOPFAIT will be able to appreciate our passion and dedication to French cuisine!", says James."




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【Marie Claire 美麗佳人】百元就能吃米其林!MiraWan法式餐廳推外送美食,在家也能大啖米其林餐盤美食

米其林餐盤推薦的MiraWan法式餐廳也推出外送餐點啦!全新系列菜單主打高CP值,只要220元起在家也能享用到米其林餐盤美食,宅在家也能享用頂級法式料理。 宅在家也要好好吃飯,除了自煮下廚料理,不妨來一頓高CP值的米其林外送美食吧!MiraWan位於台北市信義區微風南山四十七樓,以「原生新法式料理」



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MIRAnow冷凍即食包 介紹與復熱

油封豬腹義大利餃 介紹 瘦肉油脂完美交疊的雲林究好豬五花肉,低溫油封十小時以上,包進杜蘭小麥、土雞蛋黃自製的MiraWan手工義大利麵餃中,和蘑菇牛肝菌奶油白酒醬汁一起拌炒,最後拌入酸香的朝鮮薊,從內餡到麵皮,從醬汁到火候都完美配搭,手工純厚細膩十足。 復熱方式 1.煮一鍋滾水,加入兩匙鹽巴,拆開包